“He was born in a paradise and given a chance to do things right. He chose to explore paradise and got so involved in its offerings that he started to capitalize on it.… Continue reading

Why Changes These Days Are So Quick

When you experience an incident way before you are supposed, it tends to leave a scar and shifts the weight of your preference towards it. For example; Sex if experienced during childhood, could,… Continue reading

Who Are You?

There are 5 kinds of people who exist. 1. Who victimize 2. Who is victimized 3. Who sympathize 4.  Who laugh at 5. Who just don’t care Who are you?

What’s Your Perspective?

life doesn’t have the word ‘simple’ in it’s dictionary.. It ain’t life unless you are screwed up.. It isn’t an adventure unless it’s scary and thrilling either..

Belief Systems

It is true that humanity uses religion, science and various other belief system to understand and live this life. Off lately, religion has taken a wrong turn somewhere and science is focused on… Continue reading

Little Things

Why isn’t anybody selling sanity? It’s in full demand and no supply! Insanity on the other hand is available everywhere! No wonder we have to “find” peace in little things because the bigger… Continue reading

Shoot To Kill

Walk On By

We ‘are’ on a journey and the path appears as we make our choices. The nature of our choices determine the direction. The results are the checkpoints to help us to understand the… Continue reading

You Thought There Was Only 1 Free Will? There Is One More..

This is going to be intense 😉 Nature and free will are two different things. Nature ‘influences’ free will. If a person’s nature is bad, he/she will make bad choices. And why is… Continue reading

Stupid Unnecessary Desire No. 1:

It’s so sad to know that we don’t believe unless advertised. When we push for advertising, we are pushing businesses to spend more money on advertising which results in the cost of the… Continue reading

Technology’s Bad Will Spreaders

Technology should be used for furthering better existence not screwing it up. Many people do realize that fact and are changing their ways of using technology, but there are still these evil-minded, selfish… Continue reading

Stuff People Mostly Ignore..

Life and death, if looked at from a different angle, is the same as being asleep one moment and waking up in another. After dying, you may just be in a never-ending slumber… Continue reading

Technology: Advantage Or Disadvantage

Oil and energy has definitely paved a strong way for capitalism which led to communism and socialism becoming popular. New energy WILL bring about a new system no doubt about that. A few… Continue reading

Soon It’s Going To Be Too Late, You know..

If the environment is so important to us,then why are we just talking about it and doing nothing to protect it? The Earth is here to stay, It will adapt to its new… Continue reading

Want To Play Dominoes?

Usually what we like to think, or we are generally led to believe, that we should spend most of our lives in chasing materialistic goals. We go to school to learn basics, we… Continue reading

What’s your Flavour?

As you live life you keep entering and exiting situations. Every situation has an outcome, whether good or bad. In every situation, as a human being, you tend to react in a good… Continue reading

What Do You Think?

If the sun rose from the other side everyday, you think things would’ve been different? Would left be right and right be left? Would black mean white and white mean black? I don’t… Continue reading